Licensing and Certification

How to Receive Licensing and Certification Benefits

The VA can pay up to $2,000 for approved tests, but no more than the actual cost of the test. There is no limit to the number of tests you can take. The state approving agency must approve all tests before payment can be made and payments will be issued after test results are received.

You must have filed an application for education benefits for Montgomery GI Bill (Chapter 30) or Dependents Educational Assistance (Chapter 35).

What tests are currently approved for VA benefits?

Not all tests are currently approved, so a state approving agency must review any test for reimbursement. A number of tests offered by state licensing boards are approved as well as regular school courses needed to obtain a license or certificate.

Search for Approved Licensing

Licensing and Certification Issues

  • You do not have to pass a test to receive the benefit.
  • You can retake a test you failed.
  • You can take a test to renew your license or certificate.
  • You can take a test in a foreign country if it is approved in the U.S.
  • You will not be reimbursed for registration fees, preparation guides, processing fees.

How to Request Payment

Submit Application for Reimbursement of Licensing or Certification Test Fees


Call 1-888-442-4551 or visit the UF Student Veteran Services office in 222 Criser Hall.