Tutorial Assistance

Students eligible for benefits may be eligible for tutorial assistance. Tutoring is a supplement to the student's regular education benefit.

Students who are eligible may receive a maximum monthly payment of $100. The maximum total benefit is $1,200 per student per benefit program. There is no entitlement charge for the first $600 of tutorial assistance under Chapters 30 and 1606. For assistance over $600, the VA will charge one month of entitlement whenever you receive an amount equal to the full-time monthly rate you get for going to school. There is no entitlement charge under Chapters 33 or 35.

Note: The VA will not pay for tutoring received more than one year before the day the VA received your claim.



  • You must be enrolled at least a half-time (6 semester hours).
  • You must show deficiency in a course or courses required for your degree program.

Steps To Claim Tutorial Assistance

  • Students must complete the Application for Individualized Tutorial Assistance, Form 22-1990t. Complete Items 1 through 13, then have your tutor complete 14A and 14B.
  • Take the application to the UF Student Veteran Services Office; a VA representative will complete items 15, 16, 17A and 17B.
  • For Chapter 33, the instructor of the course for which tutoring was necessary must sign 18A and 18B.
  • Review the application, then mail it to:
    VA Regional Office
    PO Box 8888
    Muskogee, OK 74402-8888